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Medical Marijuana Certification and Education

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Florida residents now have the option to try Medical Marijuana as an alternative treatment for chronic debilitating conditions. If you are reading this you are well on your way. Here at Tetra Horizon we provide information on Medical Marijuana as a treatment and assist with the entire process on qualifying for your Medical Marijuana Card.

One of the first steps would be to gather any medical records pertaining to the condition(s) your seeking treatment for. If you don't have anything readily available, no worries. We can have you fill a medical release to obtain diagnosis information from your previous physicians. Once your medical record is gathered and prequalified; one of our physicians will review for eligibility and request an appointment for physical to be scheduled.

After meeting with one of our doctors, your name would be registered with the Compassionate Use Registry with the Florida Department of Health. This would qualify and initiate the steps for you to receive your Medical Marijuana Card. You will then receive an email from the registry with a temporary password to log in and review your application for your card. If all information is correct and proof of residency uploaded you would then sign the bottom application and submit payment to process the card.

It is currently taking 1-2 week after submitting payment for approval. Once you recieve the confirmation email you will be able to contact any state approved dispensary and place an order. You should print the email and keep on hand til you recieve your physical card in the mail.

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Cannabis As Medicine

The History Behind Cannabis as Medicine

For thousands of years Marijuana/Cannabis has been mentioned in documentation to treat pain and other ailments. Only more recently in the early 20th century has it been prohibited and slowly removed from medical textbooks.

The use of cannabis as medicine has been documented by the Chinese in 2900 BC by Emperor Fu Hsi. In 2700 BC Emperor Shen Nung wrote of the drug's effectiveness in the treatment of rheumatism and gout. Between 2000 BC and 1000 BC it was recorded used for treatments in Egypt and through out India.

During the 1930's a propganda push started to denounce Cannabis as Medicine. They made outlandish statements linking Marijuana to violent and idiotic acts. Only then did "Reefer Madness" begin and the wool pulled over the eyes of the masses.

Cannabis 101

Cannabis is now being rediscovered as a medicine; which has been around and mentioned throughout history. In modern ages we are now able to see it from a science stand point. There is a variety of types of Cannabis and almost an infinite number of strains to choose from. Knowing your medicine will help you be able to medicate more efficiently.

Types of Cannabis

There are three main species of marijuana; Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. The first two are most common you’ll see, with their little cousin Ruderalis being exceptionally rare for either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. You may also hear of Hybrids, sharing genetics of more than one of the species.

Common Cannabinoids

Every strain of marijuana is a little bit different. Even some strains may have different characterizes depending on when and how they were grown, and how pure the strain is. That’s one of the most difficult things associated with marijuana, consistency. It’s hard to say, ‘just smoke this amount, and you’ll experience this.


Some studies have shown that terpenes act as inhibitors for THC. They boost the therapeutic effects of THC while lowering the psychoactive high you would experience from high THC strains of marijuana. Dr. Ethan Russo supports this theory and has back it up with this study into the effects of terpenes on cannabinoids. This greatly increases the use of medicinal marijuana-based medicine for the treatment of pain, fungal and bacterial infections, inflammation, anxiety, depression, addiction, and epilepsy.

Endocannabinoid System

Cannabinoid receptors are located around the body, in different locations which gives them a wide variety of functions. The majority of cannabinoid receptors are all located in key areas of our bodies. The CB1 Receptors are mainly found in our central nervous system, and the CB2 Receptors are centered in our immune cells, peripheral nervous system, and gastronomical tracts. It's because of the diverse locations of these receptors that it shows how important endocannabinoids are for our bodies.

Qualifying Conditions

To recommend medical marijuana, a physician must diagnose a patient with a qualifying condition and conclude the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks to the patient. Once the initial certification is issued, the physician must re-evaluate the existing qualified patient at least once every 30 weeks (210 days) before issuing a new certification.

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At Tetra Horizon we believe Cannabis can bring hope and an end to the dependencies of Big Pharma. We strive to provide education and promote Cannabis as an alternative treatment to a variety of conditions. Most states have already adopted some form of Medical Marijuana Program to help provide relief and treatment for the residents of their state. As an advocate of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis I wish to provide as much informational content and resources to the hands of individuals to make a more informed decision. Education provides the knowledge and understanding to achieve the best results when using cannabis for treatment.

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